All rugs are handmade by Zapotec weavers using traditional and contemporary techniques. 100% wool and woven using a pedal loom. Every piece is unique and requires time and dedication. 


First things first, the wool needs to be very clean, it needs to be wash a few times and then let it dry for a full day before dyeing or using it for weaving.


After the wool is clean and dry is ready to be dyed. Each color has to be done separetly and needs almost a full day in order to get the right tone.


When the wool is ready to use it needs to be rolled using this weel in order to make it fit into the shuttle. Every color used in the design needs to be prepared.


The Loom needs to be set, preparing the warp threads for the rug could take one, two or three days depending on the size of the rug. After everything is set the artisan starts to weave by continiusly changing the foot pedals in the loom.


The final step after taking the rug out of the loom is to brush it and clean it taking out the little dirt stuck in the wool. One last revision using tweezers removes anything deeper. 

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