San Marcos is alive

5:00 to 6:30pm

Holy Week

The shapes & colors of Mexico

The Old/New World
 Photos from Tijuana, DF & Oaxaca

Teotitlan del Valle — OAX

San Marcos Tlapazola, Oaxaca. Place of the Zapotec people.

In the mayan cosmology is said that man was made and born from the corn.  For me the woman of San Marcos are made from clay, water and fire. They are the Red Woman.

Pottery making has been a tradition for the Zapotec people for centuries, past from generation to generation. In San Marcos mainly woman work on pottery.

Every thing in their ceramic process is done by hands, they get the meterials provided by their soroundings. For the burning, usally man goes to the mountains and collect wood from yucca trees (mainly), putting them together and carring it back to the town like this.

San Marcos Tlapazola and their woman is one of my mainly inspiration for the rugs theme. I spend one month with them sharing daily activitys and working with them.

In the way to Xalapa I found this landscape, they were like a gift to me. This lands seem full of misteries constantly calling for some one to hear them. They talk about the old world, they talk about you.

Xalapa comes from the Nahuatl roots xālli   [ˈʃaːlːi]  āpan [ˈaːpan] which means “Spring in the sand” 

There is something about Mexico that really attracts me, is like something constant calling me, it triggers my imagination and I think about the old world, how different it was only 500 years ago before the Spanish discover this land of fire and magic, at the same time is like it never changed, it is still there for those who are willing to hear them.